Frequently Asked Questions


What is dry-aged beef?

‚ÄčIt is the process of hanging the meat in coolers to dry-age for roughly 14 days.  This naturally tenderizes the beef and enhances the flavor.

What is the most ecomonical way to purchase beef?

Buying beef by the whole, half, or quarter provides the consumer the most economical means to purchase beef.

Why should I buy Kansas Premium Beef instead of meat from the grocery store?

We select only the best beef for you.  We also know the beefs history.  In a store, you have no idea about where your beef comes from, what it has been fed, or how it has been treated.

Can I buy packaged beef?

Yes, we have packaged ground beef on hand as well as steaks, roast and other cuts of beef available.

What are locker-style cuts?

This technique of cutting meat is used in butchering.  Locker style consists of cutting each piece of meat to different sizes.  The key to this is the steaks will vary in weight.  We calculate the cost of an item from the actual weight.  This will help the consumer acquire the most accurate cost for each piece of meat.

Do you offer delivery service?

Yes, arrangements can be made for a fee.  Depending on the distance to deliver, price will vary.